It’s more than a slogan, it says everything about who we are. We’d be nowhere without our people.

Our mission is to make BNZSA one of the best places to work in the world.  

We have talented and ambitious people from 45 nationalities working with us. We’re committed to supporting growth and development, whatever direction it takes you. 

What are you waiting for? Explore our opportunities and join the band! 


Great environment

Great social environment, join a ready-made community in Madrid

Excellent lifestyle

International environment, Spanish quality of life 

Dynamic & creative

Dynamic and creative leadership, open to new ideas and ways of working

Fast growth

Fast growth company with opportunities to progress professionally with us

Great benefits

Remote working, social events, free fitness and language classes


Working conditions

We’re proud to offer high quality working conditions. Everyone has an indefinite contract – something which is not common in Spain – and we have a generous and transparent bonus system.  

Work-life balance

Everyone works the schedule that best fits their target market! We never expect you to work on your breaks or after hours! You can enjoy a beer with your colleagues or head out to enjoy all that Madrid has to offer.  

Learn with us!

As well as the professional training you’ll receive from us, we offer a range of fun classes for free! Stay fit and healthy with fitness, yoga and cooking classes, or learn Spanish, French or English from one of our native teachers!

COVID - 19

staying safe

The safety of our employees is our top priority. Since March 2020, remote working has been the norm for the majority of our people.  

We provide laptops for everyone to have the choice to move between their home and the office. Whilst in Spain, many offices are back at full capacity as normal, we are committed to this hybrid model for as long as it serves the safety of our employees. 

We also know that for some people, being in the office is essential for their creativity and mental health. The office currently hosts around 20% of the team each day – this reduced capacity has enabled us to provide better spacing between the desks and install dividing screens. We’ve replaced our ventilation system, provide sanitation stations and offer daily temperature testing.  

We do ask people to come to the office for their first month to complete the onboarding programme, but after you pass your probation, you will be able to work from home. 



The most important
of our values

Our clients are real people, their customers are real people and so are we. You’ll find in this section many insights and stories from current and former employees.

Diversity is in our DNA
We have native speakers of 25 languages, coming from 45 nationalities. This cultural and intellectual range is the key to our success. Most of our people are based in and around Madrid, Spain although we have growing teams in the UK, France and Morocco. We’re proud to say that our senior leadership team is 40% women, backed by a strong pipeline of female managers. We work hard to create a safe and inclusive environment for all of our employees regardless of their race, gender, sexual orientation, physical and neurodiversity, or any other personal characteristics.
Recognising talent
Whether you bring years of experience in marketing to the table, or if you’re just starting out with a hunger to get results and grow to the next level, there’s a place for you with us. Our training programmes are personalised to help you reach your potential. Most people who stay with us for more than a year end up evolving into new roles. In fact, as our needs grow, we’ve seen some of our top performers move up the ladder in a matter of months.
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The amazing scale we’ve been able to achieve since 2013 has been the result of brave and ambitious BNZSA Rockers stepping out of their comfort zones. We go the extra mile for our clients and for our employees – you’ll be a part of the BNZSA family. 

Great idea?
We’ll make it happen
We’ve created brand new departments based on the ideas and skills of our employees – from AI to digital marketing. We’ve also deployed people’s previous experiences as workplace trainers, software developers and team leaders to create new roles where they can thrive. We always recognise talent and help you reach your goals.
Support and advice
Headquartered in Madrid, with an international workforce, we know that many of our people are a long way from the familiar. We value community spirit and teamwork, and we know that you’ll find friends who’ll help you settle in Madrid and offer advice on navigating the Spanish bureaucracy.


To us, highest quality means delivering at the best level you can at your particular stage of the BNZSA journey. We hold ourselves to that standard collectively too – what we achieve for our clients today goes far beyond what we were doing this time last year, and it’s a million miles from where we started. We just ask for YOUR highest quality. 

Full Onboarding and Personalised Training
You are not alone! People join BNZSA with all different levels of experience – some may be IT geeks but not salespeople, some will be salespeople with no IT knowledge, others may not know anything about either. Our onboarding is designed to help you get started, then our team of coaches will support you to grow at your pace.
The best tools to succeed
We provide high-spec laptops and headsets so that your technology doesn’t let you down. We’re investing in our CRM and our other tools to make sure that you have the best chance for success.
Quality of life
This is super important to us! We never expect you to work late or during your breaks. Over the past year, we’ve seen how working from home can really help some people’s productivity, so we’re now totally committed to a hybrid working model. We want you to have a great experience working with us.

Changing the industry

Our founder Brahim will tell you that he started BNZSA because he wanted to do things differently. He wanted to get great results for clients whilst offering his team the best possible working conditions and an environment in which they could thrive.

New definitions of success
Do you have a positive attitude? Keen to learn new things? Willing to work hard? These things are all that matter to us at BNZSA. Our people come from a range of backgrounds – this might be your first job, you might be university educated, you might have flunked out of high school, you might be changing career. You might speak five languages or just one. We strive to be a workplace where anyone can flourish.
We love to innovate
We offer our clients solutions that never existed before in the market. We create new roles and new departments where we see opportunities. If you’ve got ideas, we want to hear them – maybe you’ll be the one to make them a reality at BNZSA.
Raising the bar
In Madrid, there are several other businesses with superficially similar characteristics – their work is primarily on the phone and they rely on an international, multilingual workforce. BNZSA was the first call centre to offer a good living wage and a permanent contract for all employees. Now most of these businesses do the same – by raising our standards, we help others raise theirs too.


Make sure you check out our current vacancies below! We love to take on fresh talent and offer opportunities for growth internally.  

Aside from a small number of specialist profiles, almost everyone who joins us starts out as a Sales & Marketing Executive doing B2B telemarketing on the phone. It’s a core part of our business and it’s super important to understand how this works.  

If you have other skills that will help us, that’s fantastic and we’d love to help you move into project management, team leading, digital marketing, software development, data research or any of our other departments. We offer full training to help you take the next step.  

Some people progress within just a few months, others enjoy being on the phone for years. It’s up to you how you grow with us!