2022 Review

We love to take the time to take stock and review our highs and lows from the year.  

2022 was one of our biggest years yet. We started the year with a bang by moving to our new office in Las Rozas and we went from strength to strength.  

We adapted to new ways of working so we can keep going The Extra Mile and delivering the Highest Quality!  
Ready to do it all and more in 2023!  

Top Tips: How to prepare for a remote interview

Are you an aspiring Roadie but nervous about your upcoming remote interview? Some nerves are natural so do not worry. Our Recruitment Team are sharing their top tips on how to ace the process.

  1. Take time to set up your space. Have a clean, uncluttered background, and check your lighting so it’s falling on you, not behind you.
  2. Make sure to do an internet-speed test so technical lags don’t break the flow of your conversation.
  3. Prepare for the unexpected. Master the platform you’ll be using for your interview and keep notes handy so that you don’t forget to make an important point.
  4. Rehearse before you go live. Monitor your pace so it’s easy for your audience to follow, use hand gestures, and sit with an upright and open posture.
  5. Spark interesting conversations. Go beyond the usual small talk and ask questions about the team and the culture. Do a little research beforehand to see if you have any common interests or experiences with your interviewer.

Good luck!