We're incredibly excited to announce that BNZSA has been acquired by Anteriad.

The BNZSA Passport

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Together We Work Around Europe!

We believe when you excel, you should be rewarded. That's why we created the BNZSA Passport.

Whether you're extending your time home with the family or joining a partner on a work trip to a new city, we offer up to 20 days a year to work in any European country.

How does it work?

Simple. It's based on performance.
If you reach certain targets and get manager approval, the “European” sky's the limit!
Take up to 20 days a year, from one big block to 5-day increments.

Need a break from the city? Want to enjoy some extra time at the beach during low season? Or just spend a bit more quality time with family and friends that are close to your heart, but far from Spain. You can do it with the BNZSA Passport!

For further details, ask your recruiter.


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